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Computer embroidery

комп’ютерна вишивка   The application of the logo with computer embroidery is a modern technology of applying images. The logo of the special program is translated into a format that is understandable for the embroidery equipment. Further, the embroidery machine reproduces the logo on the fabric with a needle and thread of the desired colors. Computer embroidery is produced at a rather high speed in comparison with manual embroidery. And it has incomparably greater accuracy and quality. Modern embroidery technology is able to convey supercomplex images and relatively small details. The main advantages of this application are durability, spectacular appearance, and less cost than other methods of application. Embroidery does not burn out in the sun, does not distort the object on which it is applied, does not shed. It is pleasant to the touch and has a bulk structure in comparison with silk-screen printing or thermal transfer. But at the same time, there are drawbacks of this type of application - the difficulty in transferring very small details. Since the detailing of the embroidery is limited by the size of the minimum stitch of the thread, this leads to the fact that parts less than 1 millimeter are difficult to reproduce and are often distorted.