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Created fabric generator
08 листопада 2015

US scientists have created a fabric that generates electricity from wind and sun.

Created tissue cooler
06 серпня 2015

US scientists have developed an innovative fabric which is capable of cooling the human body.

US researchers have invented a fabric having a property to change its coloring.
10 березня 2015

Scientists from the University of Illinois have made a fabric that changes color depending on the environment.

60% of clothing imported to Ukraine - China.
16 січня 2015

In the words of executive director of the association "Ukrlegprom" Tatiana Izovit, about 60 percent of clothing sold in Ukraine - are imported from China.

n Ukraine, the invented fabric that does not cut a sharp knife
28 вересня 2014

Ukrainian scientists have invented a fabric that can not be exposed to the knife

Created biocompatible tissue
15 вересня 2014

Biisk Institute created a biocompatible tissue that could heal wounds.