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    Silk-screening refers to the type of transfer of an image to a specific material through holes in a fine grid stretched over the frame. From the name of this grid (silk) and went the name of the silkscreen. On the net stretched on the frame, an emulsion layer is applied, holes are created in it that repeat the shape of the logo or other graphic image. After the stencil is made, it is fixed over the surface of the material to be applied. With the help of a special squeegee, the paint is forced into the carrier.    First the silkscreen was used for printing on paper, but over time technology developed, improved and now can be applied to fabric, glass, ceramics, wood. The company "Pelta" uses silk-screen printing to print logos and other corporate symbols for working and corporate clothing.    The main advantages of silk-screen printing include high detail, flexibility in the selection of any color, the possibility of using additional effects in the image: fluorescence, phosphorescence, foaming, metallic, and others.    The shortcomings include comparative high prices for small print runs.

шовкодрук спецодяг пелта